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How Are DIFC Representative Offices Relevant?

Here Is A Sample Of What A DIFC Representative Office Can Do

  1. Make introductions/referrals to the parent entity
  2. Distribute marketing material (including fund prospectuses)
  3. Distribute investment research
  4. Provide information on the products and services of the parent entity

Some Activities That Are Prohibited Include:

  1. Providing opinions, recommendations, or specific investment advice
  2. Receiving or transmitting orders
  3. Marketing funds that do not meet the stipulated criteria
  4. Invoicing clients for services
  5. In general, not indulge in client-facing sales activities

Why KPI?

We have been through this process many times, both at the DIFC and at the newly-formed ADGM, and have assisted all categories of firms to establish a base in these centres

We treat each application as if it is our own; not as a client, not as an external or third party

We genuinely wish to help – there are instances where we have taken a stand with the authorities, and convinced them, even when the client was willing to budge – because we believed we were right.

And if you don’t quite believe the above, read what our clients have to say about us.


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