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All That You Need To Know About DIFC Holding Companies

difc holding companies

The DIFC offers excellent options for establishing holding and proprietary investment companies.

The Common Law framework lends familiarity to the structure, and access to a well-defined set of precedents.

The legal framework in the DIFC Courts further strengthens the robustness of such entities.

The DIFC Wills & Probate Registry, an ancillary body of the DIFC’s Dispute Resolution Authority, allows eligible individuals the ability to register their wills according to the principles of testamentary freedom, thus adding the element of inheritance planning to these structures.

What Can DIFC Holding/Proprietary Investment Companies Be Used For?

DIFC holding companies can be used to hold assets in the UAE and elsewhere. These assets include real property (through JAFZA Offshore companies) and shares in other companies in the UAE and worldwide.

Proprietary investment companies can be used for the same purposes, the main difference being that a ‘holding company’ activity can be obtained only when existing downstream investments already exist, or are in the final stages of acquisition.

Such entities are also popularly used to attract investments, especially given the credibility of the DIFC as a well-regulated jurisdiction and the comfort of familiarity with Common Law at the DIFC Courts.

What Is The Cost?

These structures are non-regulated, and hence do not come under the purview of the DFSA. The DIFC ROC is the body that approves applications.

The first year costs at the DIFC are typically US$ 20,000, with annual costs coming in at US$ 12,000 subsequently.

A physical office space (at a business centre or dedicated space) will have to be availed as well.

How We Help

  1. Setting up of the structure and ongoing maintenance
  2. Secretarial services
  3. Assistance in bank account openings

Why KPI?

We are in the finance business ourselves, and so we understand your business.

We have been through this process many times, both at the DIFC and at the newly-formed ADGM, and have assisted all categories of firms to establish a base in these centres

We treat each application as if it is our own; not as a client, not as an external or third party

We genuinely wish to help – there are instances where we have taken a stand with the authorities, and convinced them, even when the client was willing to budge – because we believed we were right.

And if you don’t quite believe the above, read what our clients have to say about us.


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